Cat Ba Island of Vietnam

  Cat Ba Island (Vietnamese: Đảo Cát Bà)is the biggest island in Halong Bay and is a home to plenty of hotels, Resorts, Bars and Restaurant. Just about every travel company in Hanoi offers daily tours to the island, attracting travelers looking to enjoy a day of sightseeing during their vacation. The Island is located off the coast of Hai Phong City, its two beaches (named Cat Co 1 & Cat Co 2) are a great place for sunbathing and swimming during the summer time. If you’re not a fan of crowds on the sand beach, you can charter a boat or rent a kayak to go to Monkey Island and Lan Ha Bay, where the beaches are much cleaner and quieter. When is the Best Time to Go to Cat Ba Island? The best time to visit Cat Ba Island is during the summer, from April and November. It’s also busy tourist season in Halong Bay, with numerous tour boats stopping on the island. The beaches here can be very crowded with fellow tourists so we recommend you heading there early to fi